Some times I realize just how lucky I really am. I recently had the humbling honor of reading 142 scholarship essays for the Spring Branch Education Foundation. And I cried.

My heart bled as I read 142 essays of students who had overcome challenges that would bring most adults to their knees. Yet day after day, they woke up and stood strong to achieve scholastic and extracurricular successes. These kids had climbed mountains to graduate and challenged themselves and those around them to be better because of their circumstances, not in spite of their situation.

These kids (sorry, at 17 and 18 they are still kids; tomorrow as college freshmen, they can be young adults) have so much incredible potential, and they have shared their hearts and pains for college admission and scholarships. All of them are incredible.

If you read their essays, you would also weep tears of pain, joy, and hope.

They are 142 reasons why edfurther will launch very soon. Then you, too, can read the essays of tomorrow’s leaders.

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