This time of year buzzes with excitement and energy. New school clothes, shiny shoes, crisp binders, pens, and paper. Even the backpacks sparkle.

I know that back-to-school time is expensive for families. Trust me, I know. I have four kids who need all that new school stuff. And it’s a tough time for many of our college students trying to head back for fall semester. Their financial aid award letters are coming in and some are lower than expected. They are anxious about payment plans and what to cut from their educations.

  • Will I drop a class and hover just above full-time status?
  • Will I choose to drop my meal plan or cut back to one meal per day (stashing fruit and snacks into backpacks for the other meals)?
  • Will I have to find cheaper off-campus housing?
  • Will I delay buying books until later in the semester, missing out on critical learning time at the beginning of the semester?
  • Will I not be able to go back?

For too many college students whose families don’t have extra money in the bank, the answer to these questions ends up being  a sad, disheartened “Yes.” (And in this case, yes is bad.)

And this feels like a broken promise. These are hardworking kids who have done everything else right.

They need your help today. Many of our edfurther students need to close their scholarship accounts in early August to get their finances ready for fall and still have large gaps to fill.

If everyone who saw this post gave one student $10, we would max out all of their scholarships. But let’s be realistic, if everyone who felt a niggle in their gut to help, gave $20, we could change the world.

The giving process is easy. Click on a student (really any one because they are all equally in need), grab your credit card and select PayPal or Stripe both of which are safe, third party vendors who process credit card contributions.

Will you change the world with me?  

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