If opportunity is a mindset, then white sand beaches are the postcard you send from the land of opportunity.

As I sit here looking out on the soft, white sand beaches of Orange Beach, Alabama, I am reminded that too few actually understand limitless opportunity. Often these limits are not placed on young people by their choices but by the circumstances and the world around them.

If America truly is the land of the free and the home of the brave, as I believe it to be, then everyone should sit on a white sand beach and dream, dream of a better tomorrow in which the fine print doesn’t limit opportunities.

So here’s my dream for the land of opportunity:

One day, the doors of education will be open for all who work hard and live compassionately; money and circumstance will not limit a child but make them stronger and a better student of life.

And here’s the fine print:

For many young Americans, true opportunity is not real today. Not because they aren’t working incredibly hard but because to seize opportunities requires the world (an adult) to believe in them and see them differently. Today, I urge you to invest in a young person differently. See them differently. They are today’s children and tomorrow’s leaders. They need our faith in them. They deserve our support.




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