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Valedictorian of her KIPP Houston High School class, Andrea Mata is a junior at the University of Texas and majoring in computer science. Andrea's mother is also a long-time KIPP advocate and voice in Austin.
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About the Campaign

  • A computer science major at UT Austin and KIPP Houston High School valedictorian, Andrea wants to design websites and web graphics.
  • She wants to give back to KIPP and teach computer science at KHHS.
  • With three children having attended KIPP (two valedictorians and two at UT), the Mata family is a long-time advocate for public charter schools. Her mother, Hortencia has advocated in Austin and even wrote an OpEd for the Houston Chronicle.
  • Andrea’s full financial need is $3,055. The edfurther scholarship goal is set at $1,000, though support can exceed this goal.

Andrea aspires to design websites and web graphics for companies and organizations. She says, “I love designing and creating things – whether in physical form or on the web. I would also love to go back to my high school, KIPP, and teach computer science classes. I would have loved to have some knowledge on coding when I went to college, and computer science classes will increase the amount of women and minorities in the field.

When asked what drives her, Andrea says, “My family, especially my parents, drive me. My parents have done and sacrificed so much for me, that I feel the need to repay them back. They work long hours to help me financially, as well as visit me and give me words of encouragement to remind me that I should accomplish my goals since they haven’t been able to achieve all of theirs.”

The Matas have been long-time advocates for KIPP and public charter schools. Andrea’s mother, Hortencia, has been going to Austin since the first KIPP parent trips. She’s the first one on the bus and the last one off, making sure everyone has snacks, directions, and knows how to share their experiences with legislators. She even wrote this OpEd in the Houston Chronicle.

All 3 of Hortencia Mata’s children have attended KIPP—two, Andrea and Omar, were valedictorians  and now attend UT Austin, the youngest began at KIPP SHINE Prep and now attends KIPP Academy. You can read more about Andrea’s and Omar’s experiences on the KIPP blog.

Andrea states it best, “The fact that I have the opportunity to go to college is a big deal for my parents since they never got the chance to finish high school nor have they been able to attend college. The only factor that could keep me from attending college as a full-time student and from only worrying about my studies is trying to pay for college. Currently, my dad works full time and my mom works part time as a maid. My brother is in college as well. Receiving this scholarship will lessen my parents’ financial burden and allow me to continue my education at UT Austin.”

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