danya de la cruz

A University of Houston education major, Danya is a proud graduate of Sam Houston High School and Project Grad alumna. Danya wants to be a bilingual teacher to help students like her siblings and herself.
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About the Campaign

  • Danya is a Project Grad and Sam Houston High School alumna.
  • She is a freshman at the University of Houston studying education to become a bilingual teacher
  • As the daughter of a single mother, she was taught “to not give up against adversity, to give without expecting, and to be thankful for the blessings from God.”
  • She began learning English at the age of 13 when she came to the US with her siblings and mother.
  • Danya’s full financial need is $5,867. The edfurther scholarship goal is set at $1,000, though support can exceed this goal.

A proud graduate of Sam Houston High School and Project Grad alumna, Danya has big dreams. She is studying education at the University of Houston and wants “to become a bilingual teacher so that [she] can help future generations of kids on their transition of learning a new language.”

Danya knows what it is like to be the kid who doesn’t understand the language and is made fun of because of her accent. Read about her path to this place as a freshman at the University of Houston in her own words:

“From the place that I come from, the land of the free and home of the brave seemed like unreachable heaven. One day, my luck changed. With a lot of effort, my mother brought me to the United States so I could get a better education and a brighter future. But not everything was as perfect as told. The hardest part of moving to such a promising land was to overcome a immense obstacle: learning a new language.

I was a 13 year old when I started school for the first time in the United States. The 8th grade was not my best year. My grades were very low. As I began high school, my English improved a lot, and with this, my grades. But still, other kids used to make fun of me because of my accent.

I stopped caring about those kids who judged my way of speaking and I started focusing in what did really matter: my dreams and goals. I decided that if I wanted to have a bright future, I had to lose my fear of speaking English. I wanted to show the world that I was more than the girl with a funny accent, so I started practicing my English more than ever. I started joining clubs and making more friends. I surrounded myself only with people that helped me improve my English-speaking skills. My insecurities where disappearing little by little over time.

Learning a new language was one of the biggest obstacles I’ve ever faced in my life. It has been 6 years since I started my journey in this new country and I had learned to focus on my goals no matter what people may think. I’ve learned as well that solidarity is the key for advancement. Sometimes people that are facing the same challenges in life can help each other out for success. I thank life for giving me the opportunity of learning a new language.

I was raised by a single mother. She has taught me and my siblings to not give up against adversity, to give without expecting, and to be thankful for the blessings from God. This, among many other things that she taught me, is what drives me on my everyday life.”

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