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A founding KIPP Sunnyside High school alumna, Santrell is a junior at Prairie View A&M and majoring in biology and minoring in agriculture. She plans to be a veterinarian and loves helping abandoned animals regain trust.
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About the Campaign

  • KIPP Sunnyside High School alumna from the founding class of 2014, Santrell is now studying biology as a junior at Prairie View A&M.
  • Santrell wants to become a veterinarian.
  • Her campus leadership roles and her mom have helped strengthen her confidence.

A member of KIPP Sunnyside High School’s founding class of 2014, Santrell is majoring in biology and minoring in agriculture at Prairie View A&M. She wants to become a veterinarian.

Santrell’s passion for animals clear in her words. “I love working with animals and doing animal surgeries. Another thing that truly makes me happy is working with abused and abandoned animals to help them regain to trust in humans and enjoy life all over again.”

At PVA, she is an active member of the Pre-Veterinarian Club and held served in two leadership roles—as community service leader and secretary. Santrell credits these roles with helping her open up, become more outspoken, and get out of her comfort zone.

Malene Dixon, Santrell’s high school counselor, describes her special personality, “Throughout high school, Santrell was one of the most polite, most respected, and most mature students in the class of 2014. Despite challenges at home, Santrell worked hard at school and remained focus on her academics while being a member of KIPP Sunnyside’s Dance Company.”

Based on her English teacher Lauren Lightfoot’s comments, it is easy to label Santrell as a hard worker. “Santrell worked really hard every day despite challenges outside of school. Santrell was one of the students who worked really hard to rewrite every essay for my class despite being heavily involved with the dance company. She often consulted with teammates to ensure that each assignment that she turned in to me was well-written. Despite being very quiet, Santrell worked hard to ensure that the quality of work that she turned in was strong.”

Though she gives much credit to her mom, she is a diligent worker who provides for herself. “My biggest support system in my life is my mother. She truly makes sure that I do not get down on myself because of financial reasons. She always tells me that I am doing well and that I deserve good things.”

Santrell wants to make sure you know that she is “thankful to be considered for a scholarship to help [her] push closer to [her] dreams. Without this opportunity [she is] close to seeing dreams and aspirations slip away slowly because of finances.”

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