By Astrid Gonzalez 

Change happens all the time. I have no problem with change; I welcome it. I always thought I’d study political science and then go to law school. Yet life played out differently, bringing a new, uncharted path.


I had dreamed about being a lawyer and the decision to not follow this road was not an easy one. I could have allowed my parents to take on debt for me. When the time came to make the final decision, I told my parents that under no circumstance were they allowed to borrow money for my college tuition. And that was that. I no longer had the same plan.

Reality Check

I proceeded to look for an affordable education (I may not be attending and became a full-time student at Houston Community College. I am proud to have attended HCC. Besides saving money I completed two degrees just a year after high school. I have also been able to work and save money for my brother’s education and dreams. He will study mechanical engineering at Texas A&M in the fall.

Now on my continued quest for a bachelor’s degree finances are a problem again. But my life’s purpose keeps me focused.

My Purpose

My grandmother beat cancer once, but five years later it came back for round two. Once again she refused to put her life on hold and kept to her routine of looking after her property, crops, and livestock. She refused pills to help ease the pain, because even though they made the pain go away they would kill her faster on the inside. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the strategic metastasizing blows of cancer.

Seeing the pain cancer brought to my family and not being able to meet my grandmother made me determined from a young age to contribute to the efforts in finding a cure for such a horrible disease.


I am grateful for the support of my parents, family, friends, and investors like many of you that allows me to stay on track to reach my goal. I also plan to support my youngest brother as well in two years when he graduates from high school, because this is what big sisters do.

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