Arue had a tough time last year. Her great uncle who had raised her in many ways was diagnosed with cancer. Her mother had to quit one of her three jobs to care for him and get him back and forth from hospitals and doctors on the bus. An only child, Arue wanted to come home to Houston and leave Wooster. Her mom said, “No, you still have work to do.”

Together, Arue and I raised $570 for her tuition. Her uncle passed away this summer and more life changes seemed to keep coming, but together Arue and her mom stood strong together. I asked her about renewing her edfurther scholarship and this is what she wrote:

Thanks to edfurther I have started the semester off strong. I am starting on my Independent Study Research and am excited to see how it turns out!

People have been really kind to me and I am really grateful for that. I was able to keep my old job working on campus as a barista 17 hours per week, so I hope to do okay this semester and be able to pay some/most of the tuition bill in the spring. I know 17 hours doesn’t seem like a ton of work hours, but somehow this year seems more stressful than the past 3 years, so I’m not sure if I could handle more hours. Maybe that’s how it’ll keep getting as I get older.

I am studying for the GRE and I hope to take it on October 29th, if everything works out and if I can send my registration fee on time. I will be applying to graduate programs this fall and early spring semester as well.

I want others to have the opportunity that I had this summer with edfurther, so I will not be renewing my scholarship page. I know there are so many students who have greater financial needs when it comes to college, and I want them to have this opportunity. Thank you for checking up on me and I hope you and your family are doing well.

This is why this work matters so much. One hand up to get across the threshold of a challenge…

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