edfurther.org is a nonprofit, crowdfunding platform for college scholarships. The mission of edfurther is simple–to ensure that financial need is never a barrier for furthering an education.

Let me help you maximize your support and impact by selecting students who need your scholarship the most or match your interests. Reach out to chris@edfurther.org if you would like to designate your gift.
  • 28.75% Funded
  • $1,150.00 Pledged

By Chris

One way to make your gift go further is to give to the match. Every dollar you give will be matched for scholarships and you will motivate new people to give to edfurther scholars. So double your dollar today.
  • 53.75% Funded
  • $2,150.00 Pledged

By Chris


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  • Jeff & Aura Edwards

    I absolutely love the website and think it’s great what you guys are doing! #EDFURTHER

    December 23, 2016 at 2:10 pm Reply