6 things all German (or other obscure) majors should know.

Though there are probably 10 other more researched articles to disagree, I believe your major matters less than you think. If you do have an obscure major like German (and live in Texas), then you have to be very smart about your time in college. Here’s some of what I suggest.

  1. Make sure you are active on campus, in work, and in the community.
    Join a service organization. Tutor community kids. Get a part-time job. Intern at a big company. Do things that are worth doing and talking about in interviews and when networking (see #5).
  2. Double up and double major. A concrete and specific second major like business or accounting never hurts. It also rounds out your skills. It doesn’t have to align with your other major but should give you more worldly context and options. Options are always good.
  3. Explore your passions while you can.
    Today is the day to become well rounded and gain new experiences. Trust me this wisdom and knowledge will come in handy in life when you least expect it.
  4. Get to know your profs personally.
    Ask for help and build personal lasting relationships. Beyond their wisdom today, they will be awesome references later.
  5. Network.
    Whether through internships or campus events in the other colleges, meet people often. Follow-up with with handwritten thank you notes (yes, they always work).
  6. Find internships that round out your resume.
    Get experience in where you are headed not where you have been. Yes, you should get paid for these jobs–don’t get me started–but you also need a resume that tells the story of your potential. And no matter what job you have, make a lasting impression on customers, team members, and managers by giving it your all.

And let’s be honest, all of this is probably good advice for every college student, whether your major is obscure or specific.

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