Read Phyllis’ words yourself and see why I believe an investment in her education will truly change the world.

My name is Phyllis Nwokolo. I am going to change the world, and this is my story.

I remember living in the city, waking up to the hustle of food vendors in the corners of the street calling out to customers, the sound of the motorcycles, or as we called them the “okadas”, experiencing the highs and lows of the fickle electricity, playing outside with the neighborhood children poor and rich alike, and then going to bed with the dying but still persistent music of life in the city. However, when we drove to the village to visit relatives and come together as a family, I seemed to be transported through a tunnel to a world of a very simple but difficult way of life.

To a child like me it was the best, where my routine was wake up, play, and sleep, but as I grew up and continued to visit the village, that tunnel I went through as a child broke away and opened up into the crippled and pot holed roads we took, and expanded to encompass the poor women and children competitively selling bread to try and sustain themselves, and the poverty stricken shacks, and houses. Nevertheless, these people, despite their circumstances, are still happier than those who reside in mansions with a surplus of wealth. The village was never the same and my innocent and ignorant view of the world was shattered.

These memories of my experiences in Nigeria remained with me even as I relocated to the land of milk and honey, the United States of America to unite my family and start anew. Even though I left Nigeria, I left with an understanding that my life goal is to alleviate the negative stereotypes associated with poor areas rich in culture and so much more like my village and to medically empower the people of these villages through education and accessible healthcare.

This passion was cultivated while I attending Harmony Science Academy; where teachers and counselors, such as Ms. Spears, aided me by not only educating me about the world I planned to change, and how to go about accomplishing my goal, but also by helping me understand that that I have the power and can attain the knowledge I need to make my passion a reality ¬ a priceless lesson ¬ . With this intensified passion, I am now successfully pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in public health, a minor in biology, while on a pre-med track.

Through the higher education I am currently receiving, I don’t just dream to change the world through medicine, I am now formulating a plan to do so, and the first step to graduate and become a medical doctor. However, the first step is being threatened by a lack of financial stability, and that’s why I’m asking for your help. My father is a dislocated worker, and he was the main financial support for our family, so with his source of income gone, we are under a lot of financial stress. My desire to achieve my goal knows no bounds and I would greatly appreciate your support to help make it possible.

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