edfurther.org is a nonprofit, crowdfunding platform for college scholarships. Though crowdfunding technology and sites are not new, this model for college funding is. edfurther uniquely engages donors in the student’s background and need, allowing them to invest in their future and promise.

The mission of edfurther is simple–to ensure that financial need is never a barrier for furthering an education.


There are three primary barriers to college completion—finances, social fit, and academic preparedness.

In the last 40 years (1975-2015), the average cost of college, adjusted for inflation, has increased by 221%; in the last 10 years, it has increased by 26%!

On average, a full-time college student will take an average of $7,000 in loans each year. Recent data shows that 71% of graduating seniors students will graduate with an average of $29,400 in debt (a four-year debt load increase of 25%), equating to 10 years of payments of just over $300 (based on current Stafford unsubsidized interest rates of 4.29%).