edfurther’s values drive the impact of the investment and are amplified throughout the experience.

  • grow: edfurther students grow through their studies. edfurther is committed to piloting an initial product in 2016 and quickly expanding. The team will also grow personally and professionally.
  • serve: Students and the edfurther team pay it forward and help those around them. In future phases, edfurther.org team members will do community service, and volunteers will review and approve causes to connect with students’ stories while helping them succeed.
  • trust: The edfurther.org model is built on a foundation of trust. edfurther.org seeks to be transparent in every way. This trust also includes genuine systems of appreciation. edfurther.org models appreciation by sending student and edfurther.org-written thank you notes to investors.

grow further. serve further. trust further. edfurther.

Read more about edfurther’s promise to keep your information and ensure your donation is used directly for tuition and university expenses here.