Just yesterday someone asked me a question that I have heard a few times: “Was my MBA worth it?” We were on the campus of my alma mater, Rice University, and I had been reflecting on the experience and the debt quite a bit lately, so my response was more philosophical.

When I graduated, I don’t choose to work in finance. I didn’t get a job at a Fortune 500 company. I didn’t start my own “next gen best idea” business. I decided to go back to what I love–schools and educational opportunities.

The institution and experience were top notch. The skills were invaluable. The confidence and comfort to engage in any professional topic have opened many conversations and doors. My abilities to analyze and evaluate, debate and reflect, and balance research with quick decisions have prepared me for each endeavor. For my MBA and the skills I gained, I am thankful.

The debt though, the debt I am unsure of. I  still owe nearly 30k in college loans. I am 40.

My oldest, the first of four, will start college in nine years. I know we should be saving for her tuition but the current debt seems to take priority.

Here’s what I think about MBAs:

If you are going to spend the time, do it right. Engage in your studies. Select a university with professors and peers who make you learn and grow. Do everything you can to manage the debt, but as it is with most educations, there is a cost. And then study, learn, and grow, and take the time to build yourself up to build your better tomorrow.

Yes, my MBA was worth it, and Rice University was an incredible experience.

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